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Show Notes


Episode 21- The Unbearable Noise- Rose talks to Officer Brusky about the serious problem with fireworks, loud noise, how they affect animals and what experts say.  Meanwhile, sparks are flying high when The West Side Bunch join Kit, Max and Scat to discuss their experiences, what they feel and how they are affected by loud noise especially fireworks. 


Episode 20- Kind Words and Mayhem- Rose has a holiday party at Wild in the City doggie daycare and everyone seems to be spreading good cheer! While at Kit's celebration back at the yard pandemonium ensues when an unexpected guest shows up!   

Episode 19- Out of Control- Rose discusses with Miss Gardwell Chiquito’s fiery attitude with the other dogs at Wild in the City, while in the yard temperatures are rising and Kit boldly steps in to quell the fire.

Episode 18- The Ghastly Idea and True Confessions! Rose does her best to deter Mr. Holder’s ghastly idea of going hunting, while Mila confides in Kit about her latest antics and can she trust her feelings.

Episode- 17- Pedigree Schmedigree, What Does it Matter? Rose tries to console Mrs. Stern who is beside herself when she learns of where Lucinda was likely born.  On the other hand, Lucinda is thrilled at the possibilities and Kit shows Lucinda what friends are for!

Episode 16- To Give or Not to Give!  Rose challenges Mr. Overdone to explore other methods to control his pug Hercules's behavior, while Hercules is not having any of what Kit is giving!

Episode 15- Hey Dad, No Dress Up for Me!  Although Kit and Rose get it and try to help, dad’s shopping joy and dressing up Nestor has the boxer in a dizzy, tizzy!!!

Episode 14- Dogs Tied Waiting Outdoors! Rose does her best to enlighten Ms. Bizy about dogs being tied outdoors.  While Chester confides in Kit what it’s like to be left tethered 

Episode 13- Kit Meets Sonia Pandora Del Fuego! Scat brings his feisty friend Sonia Pandora Del Fuego to meet Kit, but things go very wrong. Kit’s excitement goes awry, however and as usual Kit manages to put things in perspective!

Episode 12-The Secret in the Woods! Fran and Chanel come to the city to get a haircut, but the truth is they have discovered an ugly secret close to their home and must discuss it with Rose and Kit. 

 Episode 11-The Softening Heart of Officer Brusky!  While bringing Maximilian to de-stress at Wild in the City Doggie Day Care, Officer Brusky learns with the help of Rose a few lessons about how to treat animals.  He is a changed man, is more compassionate toward animals and sees things differently, but still has a lot of questions.  Rose is always there to help.


Episode 10- Chiquto's Breeds, Chester's Longings and Adoptions!  Kit knows how to make a friend feel special, but wonders about Chiquito's breed.  Meanwhile, Rose is making sure Miss Gardwell and Ms. Bizy are clear on adoptions.

Episode 9- The Tale of Old Toothless Cordelia! The Tale of Old Toothless Cordelia! Scat recounts an tale of stray cat that tugs at Kit's heart.  At the same time, she discovers what a colony is and is curious to learn more.

Episode 8- To Crate or Not to Crate!  Rose discusses the topic of crating dogs with Mr. Holder and with Mr. Molestoso dressing them up, back in the yard Kit joins Mila and Nestor on the hot trail that has them all curious.

Episode 7- Something is amiss at Wild in the City! Rose has her hands full as she listens to Mrs. Stern's complaints and schools Mr. Overdone, meanwhile Lucinda and Hercules have stuff they want to get out of their system. Lucky for them Kit comes shows up to support her friends!

Episode 6- Scat Secrets! Kit is amazed at what she learns about cats, while Scat unveils some insider cat mysteries, hidden powers and secret rooms.

Episode 5- The West Side Bunch Return part 2! The guys and gals have serious gripes about things that that their humans don't understand and Kit is there to listen.   

Episode 4- It's a Dogs Life part 1! The West Side Bunch, a group of six dogs who are eager to let it all out and tell Kit their woes

Episode 3- Cat Tales! The first cat Kit ever meets is a stray named Scat the Cat.  Kit is delighted, baffled and intrigued by her new friends ways!

Episode 2- The K9! Kit befriends Maximilian a police dog with low self-esteem, but what gives him the jitters?  Kit aims to find out!

Episode 1- Kit's Special Aura! Kit's amazing story, her transformation and her first encounter with a crying poodle. Listen as Kit starts her journey of compassion and supporting her friends!



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