A Humorous Storytelling Podcast About a Rescued Dog with a Unique Ability!

The Kit Bull Story is a heartwarming podcast featuring a rescued pit bull named Kit with a special ability to help other dogs and people. Kit along with Rose, the owner of Wild in the City doggie day care, bring laughter, lessons, and camaraderie to listeners. Tune in for tail-wagging tales of compassion and canine charisma!


Our mission is to bring light and awareness to the unwanted suffering of animals with humor and meaningful stories.  As you may know there is a lack of compassion, understanding and education when    it comes to the treatment of animals.  They suffer needlessly from the simplest act of ignoring their basic needs to cruelty beyond words. Together we can learn what's important to and for animals. We hope you will find value in these stories and support us by listening to our podcast, sharing and commenting.


While we love sharing stories through this podcasts, our dream is a short film and web series. Join us in enlightening and entertaining the world about animals' needs. Your support is pivotal. Help us shape a better world for all creatures. With heartfelt gratitude~


Support Us - Your donations sustain our non-profit podcast, fueling our creative mission. With care and compassion at its core, your contribution enables us to share these meaningful stories. Join our donation campaign to keep the podcast thriving. Your support is deeply appreciated – thank you!

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Teaching Animal Treatment with The Kit Bull Story Podcast

Teachers elevate your teaching with The Kit Bull Story podcast! Engage students through captivating and humorous narratives that nurture empathy, encourage critical thinking, and inspire responsible attitudes toward animals. Explore relatable characters, discuss ethical choices, and spark community action. Embark on a fun and impactful educational journey today!   For teachers see our resources and all the episodes from seasons 1- 3

Calling All Young Adventurers

Get ready for a roller coaster of laughter and learning with The Kit Bull Story podcast! 🐾 Join Kit and pals in exciting escapades that teach you about animals, their stories, and the amazing world they live in.Whether it's uncovering the secret lives of stray cats or sharing giggles about noisy adventures, each episode is a passport to fun and discovery. Listen, laugh, and learn - click here to listen as you embark on unforgettable journeys with furry friends. Ready to explore? Tune in to The Kit Bull Story and let the adventures begin! 🐶🎧🐱

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