The Kit Bull Story Podcast

A Humorous Podcast About a Rescued Dog with a Unique Ability!

 An  abused  pit  bull  gets  rescued, rehabilitated  and  goes to  live  with Rose the proprietor of  Wild  in the City doggie day care.  Kit  has the  unusual   ability  to   help  the  other dogs that come to the daycare with  their problems.  Along with Rose they  end  up  helping and educating  not  only  the dogs, but their humans as well.   You can listen to these fun and informative stories in the podcast episodes here


Seasons 1 - 3 of The Kit Bull Story are available 24-7 everywhere and here!     New to our Blog is Animal Rescue Tales, short stories of animal rescues from yours truly and friends, find them here 



Our mission is to bring light and awareness to the unwanted suffering of animals with humor and meaningful stories.  As you may know there is a lack of compassion, understanding and education when    it comes to the treatment of animals.  They suffer needlessly from the simplest act of ignoring their basic needs to cruelty beyond words. Together we can learn what's important to and for animals. We hope you will find value in these stories and support us by listening to our podcast, sharing and commenting.


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We are delighted to bring you these stories in podcast form, however, our ultimate goal is to create a short film and web series where the public can learn what matters most to animals and be entertained at the same time!  Your support is crucial to our efforts.  Help us make our vision a reality and to      achieve our mission to make it a better place for all animals!  With much gratitude~

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