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Season One Episodes

Episode 1
Kit's Special Aura and the Crying Poodle
Episode 2
Kit befriends Maximilian a K9 with low self esteem
Episode 3
Cat Tales, Kit Meets Scat and learns about Cats
Episode 4
It's a Dog’s Life! The West-Side Bunch tell Kit their woes- part 1.
Episode 5
Guys and Gals with Gripes, the West-Side Bunch return part 2
Episode 6
Scat Reveals Hidden Powers and Secret Rooms!
Episode 7
Something is amiss at Wild in the City, Rose schools and Kit to the rescue!
Episode 8
To Crate or Not to Crate and the Hot Trail!
Episode 9
The Tale of Old Toothless Cordelia and What's a Colony?
Episode 10
About Chiquito's breed, Chester's longings and making adoptions clear!

Season Two Episodes

Episode 11
The Softening Heart of Officer Brusky
Episode 12
The Secret in the Woods
Episode 13
Sonia Pandora Del Fuego!
Episode 14
Dogs Tied Waiting Outdoors
Episode 15
Hey Dad No Dress Up For Me!
Episode 16
To Give or Not to Give?
Episode 17
Pedigree Schmedigree
Episode 18
The Ghastly Idea and True Confessions
Episode 19
Out of Control
Episode 20
Kind words and Mayhem

Season Three Episodes

Episode 21
The Unbearable Noise!
Episode 22
The Unpleasant Birthday Gift part 1
Episode 23
The Unpleasant Birthday Gift part 2
Episode 24
Other Dogs, Foster Dogs part 1
Episode 25
Other Dogs, Foster Dogs part 2
Episode 26
Unfriendly Neighbors
Episode 27
Crime Stoppers part 1
Episode 28
Crime Stoppers part 2
Episode 29
Unacceptable Behavior
Episode 30
Unacceptable Behavior