Animal Rescue Tales

As an animal rescue person I never miss an opportunity to help an animal in need. I hope that through these stories and resources you too may be encouraged to help an animal when they need it most!

The Scarlet Tanager Warbler

About 2 weeks ago I saw an unusual little yellow and green bird about 12 blocks from where I live. It was flying low and I almost caught it but it got away. I thought maybe it belonged to someone and had escaped. I was worried for the little bird. The next day, like a miracle the same bird was on my block and amazingly I was able to pick it up with no problem!!! I kept it in the bathroom overnight and away from Marmaly my cat! The next day I took it to the Wild Bird Fund on Columbus Ave and 87th street (NYC) and they said it might have a concussion! I followed up with an email and this is the news I received about the little beauty!

Dear Angela,

I am very happy to tell you that the Scarlet Tanager you brought in to us on October 11 was able to make a full recovery, and was released back into the wild. On arrival, we saw that the bird had signs of a window strike injury -- she had a concussion from the impact. We gave this bird fluids and anti-inflammatory medication to bring the swelling down around the head. After three days of treatment, rest, and quiet, she was fully recovered and ready to return to her migration.

Thank you for rescuing this bird and bringing her to us. She was in need of help, and would not have survived without your intervention.


The Wild Bird Fund Animal Care Team.

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