The Cast

Angela Lambru- Voice of Kit, Fran & Mrs Stern

Angela Lambru Voice Over Talent

Creator of The Kit Bull Story, Writer, Actor, Voice Actor, Director, Dancer, Producer.  Angela loves creating characters no matter what the medium and has credits in film, stage, T.V. and radio.  She is an animal advocate, with experience in animal rescue and cat sitting and loves chilling with her extraordinary cat Marmaly!      

Cathi Colas - Voice of Narrator & Ms. Bizy

Cathi is a voice over artist and producer for many years. She is highly successful in Audio-books with over 45 audio-books on Audible and iTunes. Credits includes National TV, Political Ads, radio, podcasts,  Documentaries, Internet and so much more.

S. Lightman - Voice of Rose

This is for all the wonderful doggies out there, and the Roses who care for them~

Allie Costa - Voice of Chanel, Miss Gardwell

Allie is an actor, writer, director, and singer working in film, TV, Theatre & VO. Credits include Spring Awakening, 90210, Alien vs. Musical, Future Shock, and You Me & Her as well as narrations, video games, commercials.

Justin Agins - Voice of Officer Brusky

Justin is an actor/writer/director from New Jersey. In 2019 he wrote/directed/edited a training film The Book Cart Safety Training Video for the Somerset County Library.  He was presented the STAR award for creative direction & leadership on set and in 2020 he received his A.S. in Film and Digital Media.

 Jerry Schultz- Voice of Scat the Cat & Chiquito

Jerry, aka “The Voice Doctor” a professional voice actor and clinical neuropsychologist at Harvard Medical School.  A master of many voices & accents with characterizations from serious to sinister to silly.   

Rich Greene- Voice of Maximilian & Mr. Overdone

Rich has 40 years plus experience in entertainment. He's the front man for his band “Reporter” is a songwriter for children’s music and has credits on local TV (Rochester) and regional theater.  He recently retired from a long-term “gig” as an elementary schoolteacher and principal. He enjoys voice over work.

Cesar Reyes - Voice of Nestor

Making my debut as Nestor. I want to talk for a living in video games, animation and audio books, so I’m gonna talk for a living!

Jack Douglas  - Voice of Chester, Mr. Holder

Jack is a NYC voice over artist. He has been a part of a number of stage and film projects but, he is most proud of his recent work in the voice over industry. Jack is grateful everyday he gets to share his passion with others and tell wonderful stories. He hopes you enjoy The Kit Bull Story.

Shelly Colman - Voice of Lucinda

Shelly debuted in The Wizard of Oz as The Good Witch at PS 161. She won the national Ladies of Laughter stand-up comedy competition in 2014 and has performed in Ottawa,  Memphis and Salem, MA to name a few. She's the founding producer & host of Brooklyn Heights Comedy and can be heard on WFUV FM radio.

Memo Sauceda - Voice of Mr. Molestoso (Seasons 2 and 3)

Memo is one of the most respected and trustworthy Voice Over and On Camera talents in the Hispanic market. At ease in drama, comedy or farce, his chameleonic ability            makes him Memo-rable.

Jason Henry (Hercules) was born and raised in Chicago,  IL.  I always
enjoy creating and playing different  characters, there's nothing I'd
rather do! (Season's One and Two)
Sarah Sarka (Mila) is a voice actor who has worked on several audio fiction productions. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Aaron, and her dog, Lola. (Season's One and Two)

Acknowledgement and thank you to Luis Manuel de Casas Hernández our editor of The Base Sound Creations for his help in creating this podcast! And Ann Catalino for the technical help, advice and encouragement!

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