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VOTE- for The Kit Bull Story for the Astoria Film Festival audience awards here:

Sharing TKBS at the Astoria Film Fest- How exciting and what a terrific experience the Astoria Film Festival was! Watching all the entries was a treat, but what made it truly delicious was listening to Chanel complaining to Kit about what she doesn't like and Kit being the supportive dog that she is! It was awesome to be able to share with our audience all about our project's journeys as well! Very cool!!! Check out the pic here

TKBS in ASTORIA FILM FEST- we are happy and excited to share The Kit Bull Story has been selected as part of the Astoria Film Festival. For viewing the films, web series, and podcasts you can        get details here and tickets on sale at:

TKBS SEASON THREE 2022- debuted on the 4th of July!  Listen in on the fun and lively conversation about an important issue!


CHANGEMAKER- We are super excited to be awarded a grant and honored to be named Changemaker of The Week by The Pollination Project!  Here is the article:

FEATURED ARTICLE-  A big thank you to Trina Astor Stewart for featuring TKBS in her  ASTORIA MAGAZINE.  You can read all about it here!

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INTERVIEW: I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Birgit and Jim Walker of for their segment of People with Passions for Pets, also available in podcast form.  You can get all the details and links here:

IN THE NEWS- Check out The Kit Bull Story article in the Queens Ledger newspaper 

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OUR JOURNEY: Discover what it took to make TKBS podcast.  You can view the entire The Kit Bull Story Journey in twelve, short video chapters and meet some of the cast as wellon Instagram @kitbullstory

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TKBS JOURNEY: Watch Chapter 1 of TKBS journey below.

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TKBS Journey Chapter 1


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